Shepherding Team

Who makes up the Shepherding Team?

The Shepherding Team is comprised of non-rotating members from our Pastoral Staff as well as rotating lay-leaders who currently serve as teachers and leaders at OBC.

Role of the Shepherding Team

The local church is governed by Christ (Matthew 16:18) through the Holy Scriptures. Under the authority of Jesus Christ, the purpose of the office of shepherd is to lovingly lead, nurture, and equip the entire membership to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12ff). The Shepherding Team of Ogletown Baptist Church (both vocational and non-vocational) will oversee the overall direction and teaching of the church, since they are the ones who will one day answer for it (1 Thessalonians 5:12; Hebrews 13:7; 13:17; Acts 20:28). Though these men will shepherd in differing degrees (1 Timothy 5:17), they are all accountable to God for the care of His flock.

Tasks of the Shepherding Team

Shepherds are…

  • GUIDES for our congregation—leading and overseeing God’s people, by example and
    word, giving direction and counsel to the church body.
  • TEACHERS in our congregation—nourishing God’s people by lovingly speaking the
    good news of Jesus Christ and the truths of God’s Word.
  • CAREGIVERS to our congregation—taking initiative to help God’s people grow and
    mature in their walk with God
  • PROTECTORS of our congregation—guarding God’s people against the destruction
    brought by false teaching and false teachers.

Qualification of a Shepherding Team Member

The New Testament lays out the requirements necessary for any man who desires to do the work of shepherd (1 Timothy 3:1-13 & Titus 1:5-9). In summary of the qualifications in 1 Timothy 3 and  Titus 1, every shepherd must represent Christ and His gospel well in the following arenas:

  • His Relationship to the Public: above reproach, a good reputation with those outside the church
  • His Relationship to Self: temperate, self-controlled, prudent, sensible, respectable, loving what is good, not a new convert
  • His Relationship to Home: the husband of one wife, hospitable, manages his own household well, keeping his children under control with all dignity, having children who believe, not accused of dissipation or rebellion
  • His Relationship to Scripture: able to teach, holding fast the faithful word
  • His Relationship to Temptation: not addicted to wine, not pugnacious, gentle, not self-willed, peaceable, not quick-tempered, free from the love of money, not fond of sordid gain
  • His Relationship to God: just, devout